7 things successful leaders do

"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice."  Jim Collins Successful leaders are.... (in no particular order) willing to take 100% responsibility for their actions humble compassionate fun keen to celebrate their team's successes  high integrity a power of example not a warning when it [...]

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4 Tips to avoid breaching your own boundaries

"If you are that busy that you can't even find one day to visit me in the next month then you have a serious problem with your schedule." These words shot an arrow through my heart. Do you have someone in your life that heaps guilt on you like a caretaker shoveling the last bit [...]

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Obsessing over a person, situation or thing keeps you frustrated, distracted and resistant to trust that everything is as it needs to be. When you resist the existence of what is, then you stand in the way of what can be. Where in your thinking do you need to let go and surrender? Is there [...]

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What inspires you? What lights your fire? So many things to do, so many people want your attention and how do you stay inspired? Much like the mechanic driving the broken down car or the personal trainer not making time to work out, as a person who inspires others you need and deserve to be [...]

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Imagine you are doing the happy dance with your arms in the victory pose at the end of a very full day because you have focused your time and energy on what are your top 5 priorities. “Sounds too good to be true Cate with all the daily distractions!” Distractions are everywhere. Colleagues coming in [...]

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Escape the habit of procrastination

You will get to it when the time is right. When you have more money, more time, more skills, more education when you have more inspiration. Did I miss any? The truth is the time will never be perfectly right. I love the phrase, “Perfect is good, done is better.” Procrastination is a habit. Just [...]

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