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Powerful Journey Consulting
Cate Collins, Leadership Expert

Powerful Journey helps successful leaders, just like you, be more successful in all areas of your life. Everyone is a leader in their own lives. The question is “Are you being the kind of leader that you want to be?” The Truth behind your leadership position is that if you do not have a bulletproof plan to address the Cate Collinshazards that come with your position and life’s challenges, you can expect to have ineffective results that negatively impact your organization’s bottom line. Your climb up the leadership and success ladder will take its toll on you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When your time and energy are focused in one area, other areas suffer. Like your health, relationships, finances, confidence, peace of mind, to name a few. Your suit might as well be a superhero suit that in time becomes too heavy and the hazards become too great; throw in your number one enemy, which is with the “task master” in your head, and you are on the path to disaster. Powerful Journey addresses those hazards with our “Three A’s Formula” for success:

  • Awareness is the importance of naming the elephant in the room. At Powerful Journey we help you identify what is the source of the block that prevents you from experiencing more success in your life.
  • Acceptance is taking ownership of that which you may have been pretending isn’t the issue or didn’t want to do anything about it. Low risk always equals high risk. The key is that you are ready to face it head on now.
  • Action is the powerhouse action plan that Powerful Journey helps you create for lasting change to effortlessly achieve your goals. We help make it doable for you!
  • Benefits of working with Powerful Journey are unlimited as you experience more: Clarity> Connection> Contentment >Creativity>Passion>Purpose> Balance> Happiness>Success


7 things successful leaders do

“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice.”  Jim Collins

Successful leaders are…. (in no particular order)

  1. willing to take 100% responsibility for their actions
  2. humble
  3. compassionate
  4. fun
  5. keen to celebrate their team’s successes
  6.  high integrity
  7. a power of example not a warning when it comes to self care

Let’s break each area down.

  1. Successful leaders are willing to take 100% responsibility for their actions. When a leader has the confidence to […]

4 Tips to avoid breaching your own boundaries

“If you are that busy that you can’t even find one day to visit me in the next month then you have a serious problem with your schedule.” These words shot an arrow through my heart. Do you have someone in your life that heaps guilt on you like a caretaker shoveling the last bit of dirt on a grave?

Here are 4 powerful tips to help you set your boundaries:

  • Awareness – First off you have the right to protect and […]


Obsessing over a person, situation or thing keeps you frustrated, distracted and resistant to trust that everything is as it needs to be.

When you resist the existence of what is, then you stand in the way of what can be.

Where in your thinking do you need to let go and surrender? Is there a family member that is not doing things the way you think they should? Or what about a colleague who keeps ending up in the same challenges? […]